The Return of the Drive-In: How Venues Are Combining Contactless Entertainment with Contactless Dining

One thing we’ve learned during the pandemic is that the human urge to get out and enjoy special experiences with other human beings is a strong one. After the coronavirus struck, it wasn’t long before enterprising individuals and businesses began looking for new ways to allow us to all be human together—while apart. In today’s […]

The Latest Data on COVID and Restaurants

In the past couple of months, many states have made concerted efforts to reopen their economies, with varying levels of success. This has been good news for restaurants, as many have been able to resume dining room service,  albeit at reduced capacities. What follows is a rundown of the latest available data regarding the economic […]

What Will Restaurant Service Look Like When COVID has Come and Gone?

As COVID curves continue to flatten in some places while spiking in others, it can be hard to imagine a time when the coronavirus has finally passed—and yet, thankfully, that post-COVID time will surely come. Just as surely, though, the way much of the world does business will remain permanently changed as a result of […]

COVID and Alcohol Sales: What Your Bar or Restaurant Needs to Know

When the COVID pandemic hit, the ever adaptable and enterprising restaurant industry immediately began making the change from dining room service to a takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup service model. As this change took place, homebound diners welcomed the opportunity to support their favorite restaurants, but one important thing was initially missing: alcohol. Be it […]

7 Marketing Strategies to Get Your Hotel Back on the Map

Between mandatory shutdowns and stay-at-home orders along with international travel bans, hotels—and the rest of the travel and tourism industry—face the difficult task of rebuilding as we all attempt to safely reopen our lives in a time of pandemic and uncertainty. Now, more than ever, good marketing practices are going to be essential in convincing […]

A Deep Dive Into OneDine’s Guest-side Experience

COVID-19 has caused us all to seek out and expect contactless service in virtually all aspects of consumerism, and OneDine has been there to help make it happen in the dining/hospitality industry. When restaurants were first forced to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, OneDine provided their contactless solution to all restaurants for […]

Restaurants Embrace Mobile Apps, Digital Access and Order-Ahead Technology

Everywhere you look these days, you see it. Special lanes are marked in parking lots. Signs are posted with instructions and QR codes. People pull up in front of their favorite store, restaurant, or other place of business, and soon someone brings their merchandise directly to their car, placing it in the trunk with no […]

Reopening Your Hotel? A Guide to Owning Your Moment

The COVID-19 pandemic is, and continues to be a defining moment for businesses everywhere. How brands address the challenge, how they proceed through reopening, and how they continue doing business beyond will define the way customers think of them, whether they change loyalties, and whether or not they’ll come back to brands that they weren’t […]

How Restaurants Can Use Technology to Keep Customers Coming Back

As restaurants reopen and transition back into a more recognizable business model, and as customers begin walking back through the dining room doors, many restaurants are doubly focused on how to keep customers coming back  Fortunately, recent and continuing advances in technology are creating innovative new ways to offer the kind of convenient, safe, and […]