Now more than ever, it’s critical to offer your guests and team members the
safety of a completely contactless payment solution.

Consumer expectations have changed and moving forward a higher value will forever be placed on cleanliness, sanitation, and contactless operations.

No charge and no commitment during gathering restrictions!

Introducing PurePay™

To help you address this OneDine® has created PurePay, a 100% touchless program to process payment from a customer’s mobile device. With Text-to-Pay, a merchant can send an SMS link to a device for the guest to process payment and with Scan-to-Pay, your customers can scan a QR code from your management tablet to initiate the payment sequence. Both solutions guarantee no touching, no passing of credit cards, cash, or pens, and can be completed anywhere – curbside, at a drive-thru window, tableside, or at a cashier station!

We can integrate with your existing POS System or provide an external, third-party interface for quick and easy implementation in as little as 24 hours. No guest app required! We are providing this service at no charge and with no commitment to merchants during the current gathering restrictions*!

* Normal credit card processing fees still apply

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