OneDine to offer free ‘tap and go’ technology for restaurants

OneDine, a restaurant payment technology solutions provider, will waive all setup and transaction fees to help restaurants during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a press release.

The company will enable restaurants to onboard free sensors in as little as 72 hours. The software integrates with most POS systems.

Touchscreens, along with the handling of money and card transactions, have presented an opportunity to spread germs, the press release noted.

OneDine’s “tap and pay” allows restaurants to remove the need for customer touchpoints in the following ways:

  • The OneDine NFC and QR code technology lets restaurants use a QR code on anything, including coasters or even a sticker on a table that’s easy to clean, or NFC technology.
  • Customers can either tap the NFC sensor or scan a QR code and don’t need a special app, only a smartphone.

OneDine offers the following additional tips to keep restaurant customers and employees safe from frequently used touchpoints:

  • Disinfect menus after every customer.
  • Avoid asking customers to use a shared touchscreen at all right now.
  • Limit physical contact in the store.
  • Place hand sanitizer next to highly trafficked areas.
  • Let customers know your employees are practicing good hygiene.
  • Ensure your kitchen staff is well, if someone is feeling unwell encourage them to stay home or send them home.