Revolutionizing the restaurant technology space

OneDine is revolutionizing the restaurant technology space by introducing the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and contactless solution for the hospitality industry to date. OneDine supercharges existing POS systems to immediately enable contactless ordering and payment, optimize labor, eliminate fraudulent chargebacks, and create a triple-win for servers, managers, and guests alike.

Who We Are

At OneDine®, we like to project an image that’s different from the other guys. We’re knowledgeable, yet fun; resourceful, but still efficient. We empathize, optimize, and pride ourselves on improving the hospitality experience for everyone around us.

It takes a village, and we have an experienced, transparent, hard-working, likable village ready to jump into action to help venues across the hospitality industry meet their revenue, compliance, and experience goals.

Our Story

OneDine was born when Founder & CEO Rom Krupp recognized that many POS systems lack the agility and functionality to allow servers to deliver the best dining experience to their guests. In creating the handheld tablets that interface with the merchant’s existing tech stack, Krupp developed a solution that optimizes labor, creates a contactless and efficient ordering and payment process for both servers and guests, and establishes PCI and EMV compliance, immediately eliminating 100% of fraudulent chargebacks.

But that was only the beginning. Krupp and his team of restaurant and hospitality industry veterans have expanded the product offering to incorporate additional contactless payment technologies, mobile menu browsing, and curbside order and payment options that help restaurants generate additional off-premise revenue. AI surveys, guest preference tracking, and offer management have all made their way into the 360-degree solution to make OneDine the single preferred technology provider for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

The initial platform has now been expanded to accommodate multi-merchant venues (such as malls and entertainment districts), hotels, airports, retail establishments, and event venues, and can quickly adapt to the changing requirements that brands are seeking in today’s world.

Our Mission

At OneDine, our mission is to serve guests better through technology. Period. Advancements in today’s digitally-focused world make it possible for technology to enhance the dining experience rather than subtract from it, and that’s where our products start and end.

By optimizing labor, creating server efficiencies, and putting control in the guests’ hands we allow venues to customize the experience to reflect their brand and appeal to their demographic, without sacrificing their profits or their time.

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