Merchant FAQs

If my restaurant wants to utilize a OneDine product, will we have to replace the existing POS platform?
Not at all! Our OneDine suite of products integrates with most POS systems, supercharging your existing platform to provide safety, speed, and efficiency.

What if my existing POS system is not supported by OneDine?
OneDine offers both an integrated set-up, where all transactions process through your existing POS and payment providers, and a non-integrated set-up, where the transactions are managed with a simple Fireboard tablet.

Will my restaurant need to buy new hardware in order to use OneDine products?
OneDine’s mobile- and tablet-based solutions are incredibly easy to adopt because they integrate simply with your existing technology and require minimal hardware investment. What’s more, they’re PCI compliant and eliminate 100% of fraudulent chargebacks, which means you do not need a separate EMV solution.

Can the platform be customized to reflect the look and feel of my brand?
Absolutely! We get you up and running quickly by providing a standard display template with custom colors, logos, and fonts that are modified to reflect your brand’s assets.

How do I contact support if I am having trouble with a OneDine product?
A support ticket can be emailed to support@onedine.com, or for matters that need immediate attention, you can contact our support team directly at (855) 551-DINE (3463).

Consumer FAQs

How do I request a refund for a transaction that was processed through OneDine?
Although the OneDine technology processed the transaction, the payment account resides with the restaurant, so they should be contacted to issue the refund.

What payment methods are available at OneDine-supported merchants?
Depending on the options chosen by the restaurant, you can pay with a credit card, ApplePay, or GooglePay, all from the safety of your mobile device — no app required!

Do I need to download an app to complete a transaction using OneDine?
A: No, all of our featured products are browser-friendly and work with existing links and applications, so there’s no need to download an additional app!

Are payments I make through OneDine secure?
Yes, all of our payment options are PCI compliant and P2P encrypted. Plus, with mobile phone payment options, your credit card never leaves your hand!