100% Contactless Ordering and Payment Solutions

More and more municipalities are mandating contactless ordering and payment as a requirement for remaining open. This means that the contactless solutions that have been critical for surviving disruption are now table stakes for doing business. OneDine® is the Easy-to-Adopt, App-free, Guest-side Solution for safely and conveniently serving guests, significantly reducing labor costs, optimizing your menu, enhancing your marketing, and more.

Here’s how Guest-side Contactless Solutions work!

Contactless Order and Payment Solutions

Tablet-based Contactless Order and Payment Solutions

Mobile-based Contactless Order Solutions

Contactless Order Solutions

OneDine delivers guests personalized recommendations to inspire loyalty and drive sales

Guests can customize their OneDine profile to reflect their dietary and lifestyle preferences, including their favorite cuisines, dishes, spice levels, and much more. This allows them to receive trending offers or promotions on the items that most appeal to them.

OneDine Also Delivers Guest-side Contactless Payment Options

Guests seeking a contactless payment solution can close the loop on the entire experience with OneDine’s PurePay™ technology. Guests can easily split the check, pay per item, or pay in full, as well as add a tip, all from their device. PurePay™ provides two different options:

Scan to Pay Mobile Payment System


Text-to-Pay allows a team member to send an SMS link to your customer’s mobile device that prompts them to pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card, all from their mobile device.


Scan-to-Pay enables customers to initiate payment by using their phone’s camera to scan a QR code from a receipt or from your management tablet, or by checking-in with the table sensor (or scanning the table sensor).

Why Now?

OneDine’s guest-side and server-side solutions are the answer to the fast-approaching future of a post-COVID-19 world. Now that customers have gotten a taste of safe, convenience-driven solutions such as contactless order and payment, curbside pickup, and more, there’s no turning back. Brands that adopt these solutions will be rewarded with loyalty and better positioned to rapidly recover and grow their business.

Contactless ordering and payment

Benefits of OneDine

Menu Browsing

Guests can browse a complete or curated menu from their mobile devices.


Guests can place orders from their mobile devices, providing a touchless solution for both the guest and waitstaff.


PurePay™ contactless payment solutions allow Text to Pay and Scan to Pay functionality to process payment from the guest’s mobile device.

Contactless Brand

Guests can engage through messaging, loyalty/rewards programs, customized offers, and surveys – all from their mobile devices.

Labor Costs

OneDine’s handheld ServerApp provides contactless ordering with EMV capable payments and Scan-to-Pay functionality from within the tablet or via the table sensor.

OneDine can integrate with your existing POS System or provide an external, third-party interface for quick and easy implementation in as little as 24 hours. OneDine applications are EMV and PCI compliant and eliminate 100% of fraudulent chargebacks. Hardware investment is minimal (or in some case, not needed), and no guest app is required!

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