OneDine Waives Setup Costs, Transaction Fees

To assist restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, OneDine is waiving all setup and transaction fees and providing free table sensors at no cost for tap-and-pay activity.

Restaurants can be onboarded, at no cost, in as little as 72 hours. The OneDine system integrates with most POS systems.

Platforms like OneDine allow a fully “tap to pay” experience:

  • The OneDine NFC and QR code technology lets restaurants use a QR code on anything, including on a table that’s easy to clean, or NFC technology.

  • Customers can either tap the NFC sensor or scan a QR code and don’t need a special app, only a smartphone. It’s all EMV compliant to avoid fraudulent chargebacks.

OneDine says a single implementation can greatly reduce the spread of germs from frequently touched surfaces.