Online Ordering and Payment with No App Required – How OneDine Makes Your Guests’ Experience Easier

With the advent of COVID-19, restaurants everywhere were unceremoniously thrust into a world of takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery if they wanted to keep their kitchens open during quarantine shutdowns of dining rooms.

Suddenly restaurants that had never before offered such services found themselves in the unfamiliar territory of managing online orders, parking lot check-ins, and contactless payments. Luckily, thanks to OneDine dining technology solutions, they don’t have to navigate those waters alone.

While the extent to which customers expect to remain contactless will likely subside over time, much of the technology put in place to help facilitate social distancing between server and diner will remain as the dining public becomes accustomed to the added convenience it provides.

For example, POS-integrated solutions like OneDine’s offer easy initial setup and data-driven insights to make your operations more efficient and your service more personalized as well as contact-free—all with no app required.

Guests can easily browse the menu, order, and pay right from their table on their mobile device without having to wait for a server to visit them. Not only is unnecessary contact eliminated and service streamlined, but guests can also receive customized recommendations by inputting their dietary preferences, favorite cuisines, dishes, spice levels, and more.

Here’s how it works:

Customer Online Ordering and Drive-thru/Pickup

Customers who opt for curbside pickup can easily navigate the process, from ordering to payment to delivery, directly from their mobile device from the comfort of their car.

Upon arrival, your guests simply choose a parking spot and scan a QR code from a sign to check in and announce their arrival.

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Guests will then be directed to your custom mobile ordering website, where they can safely order and pay, and let your team know which parking spot they’re in. OneDine tracks whether the customer has paid, where to take out the food, and how long the customer has been waiting. You can also manage the transaction  by sending an SMS to the customer with a payment or notification link. Guests can order and pay in less than 2 minutes and be on their way quickly and easily.

For locations such as malls, airports, or othermulti-restaurant sites, you can assign one QR code for all the different brands available at that venue and guests can order from multiple stores at once. A shopping cart will gather all of the items guests plan to purchase, and the venue can allow a single checkout or multiple, depending on how they choose to collect and distribute payments.

Contactless Menus Online

The OneDine system also offers a choice of menu types for guests to peruse.

For a more traditional dining selection experience, there’s the contactless menu browsing. The browsable menu is designed for guests who may not already know what they want to order and want to be able to look through all their options. Guests can “favorite” the items they’re considering, then go back to their favorites to make their final selection.

The orderable menu is tailored to be more efficient. It’s designed for customers who likely know exactly what they want to order. Geared to find and select items quickly, it feels more like the app experience, with quick movements and simplicity.

Guests can toggle between the two menus, and in each menu, you can choose to display a wealth of information, including:

      • Nutritional data
      • Descriptions and disclaimers
      • Tags for certain items for customers to filter, like “Gluten free,” “Vegan,” “Spicy”
      • Larger pictures

Payment Solution Online

Guests can also experience safe, contactless payment solution with a variety of options, including:

      • SMS messages with a link to an online payment portal
      • A QR code that can be scanned from a tablet or a receipt to initiate payment
      • Ordering online via custom mobile browsing/ordering website with payment at checkout (or upon arrival via SMS or QR code)
      • Or, depending upon contactless preferences, guests may walk inside to pay

Contactless Dine-in Solution

And OneDine isn’t limited to pickup or delivery. Indoor diners can also experience the convenience of navigating their dining experience contactlessly. Guests can simply tap a sensor or scan a QR code at their table to check in, order, view special offers, summon wait staff, and more.

OneDine technology can also deliver customized coupons, surveys, and even give guests the opportunity to donate to a charitable cause when they pay.

Have questions? Get in touch with a OneDine consultant—we’d love to help you navigate contactless service!