How OneDine’s Comprehensive Solutions Help Restaurants Achieve Greater Efficiency

What with quarantines and shutdowns and curbside deliveries and reopening and reclosing and reopening again (but with a huge list of restrictions and protocols), restaurant managers could be excused for occasionally wanting to throw up their hands and just pour a drink from the bar.

The ingenuity that so many across the country have shown to keep the doors open is admirable to say the least, but with the level of uncertainty still hovering somewhere above the International Space Station, anything that can help increase operating efficiency and decrease operating costs is a very good thing indeed.

Luckily, OneDine is ready to help.

OneDine’s comprehensive suite of restaurant solutions are designed to improve efficiency in virtually every facet of your operation. From mobile menu browsing to contactless ordering and paying to guest-side and off-premise solutions, every corner of your business is covered. Here’s how you can benefit from hopping on board.

Mobile menu

Among the many consequences of the COVID-19 experience has been the demise of the traditional multi-use menu due to obvious sanitary concerns. The first alternative to these menus was to transition to single-use paper menus, but the high cost and inconvenience of endlessly printing, updating, and disposing of those menus (not to mention the ecological impact) makes for yet another drain on your resources. And when resources are limited, that’s the last thing you need.

OneDine’s mobile menu browsing is a seamless, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution that lets your guests easily view the most current menu options — along with mouth-watering images — directly from their mobile device. Guests can toggle between a browsable menu that offers a more traditional dining selection experience for guests who have a general idea of what they may want to eat, and the orderable menu that’s tailored for increased efficiency when customers know exactly what they want to order. And each menu can display a wealth of information, including:

  • Nutritional data
  • Descriptions and disclaimers
  • Tags for certain items that allow customers to filter, such as “Gluten free,” “Vegan,” “Spicy”
  • Customer-chosen “favorites”
  • Categories at the top as well as a search bar, and the ability to modify the order or increase quantities

Customers can also use the menu to call a server to their table, access in-store-only offers, including special promotions, loyalty programs, and more, and access surveys, submit feedback, and rate their experience.


OneDine’s PurePay™ system is a 100% contactless payment solution that enables safe and convenient payment from a mobile device. Guests that check in using OneDine’s NFC-enabled table sensors or QR codes can easily split the check, pay per item, or pay in full, as well as add a tip, all from their device. PurePay™ gives you and your guests two easy payment options.

  • Text-to-Pay allows a team member to send an SMS link to your customer’s mobile device prompting them to pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card, all from their mobile device.
  • Scan-to-Pay enables customers to initiate payment by using their phone’s camera to scan a QR code on a receipt or from your management tablet, or by checking-in with the table sensor.

PurePay™ lets customers pay on their own time, without waiting for a server, and that means your servers’ time can be spent more efficiently elsewhere.

Guest-side or off-premise

Whether you’re back in the dining room or doing curbside and delivery (or both), OneDine’s payment and ordering solutions can streamline the process.

Guest-side options elevate your guest service with handheld devices that allow servers to easily input orders, split checks, and process payment. Off-premise options boost carryout revenue with Parking Lot Order & Pay, Online Order Ahead, and PurePay™ contactless payment solutions.

Easy implementation

Best of all, OneDine can integrate with your existing POS system or provide an external, third-party interface for quick and easy implementation in as little as 24 hours.

OneDine applications are EMV and PCI compliant and eliminate 100% of fraudulent chargebacks. Hardware investment is minimal (or in some cases, not needed), and no guest app is required.

OneDine’s guest-side and server-side solutions are the answer to the challenges posed by the upcoming post-COVID-19 world.

Customers have become accustomed to safe, convenience-driven solutions like contactless order and payment, curbside pickup, and more, and when we’re all able to leave our homes and take off the masks, the brands that adopt these solutions will be rewarded with loyalty and better positioned to rapidly recover and grow their business.

Schedule a demo today, and find out exactly what we can do to amp up your efficiency — and boost your bottom line.