How Contactless Payment Can Improve Your Guests’ Dining Experience

In the last six months or so, restaurants across the country have had to fundamentally change the way in which they serve customers, and many have embraced contactless order and pay technology to help them find their way through the many changes. 

One of the most significant ways in which technology is helping restaurants on their journey is by changing the ways in which customers pay for their purchases.

Here’s how OneDine’s payment solutions can help improve the dining experience for your guests.

An overview

POS-integrated solutions like OneDine’s offer easy initial setup and data-driven insights to make your operations more efficient, your service more personalized, and payments more streamlined and convenient, as well as contact-free—all with no app required.

Guests can easily browse the menu, order, and pay right from their table on their mobile device without having to wait for a server to visit them. Not only is unnecessary contact eliminated and service streamlined, but guests can also receive customized recommendations by inputting their dietary preferences, favorite cuisines, dishes, spice levels, and more.

OneDine’s solutions put the dining experience and the payment process right where it belongs—in the hands of the customers.

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Text-to-pay is an efficient solution for contactless restaurants that allows you to take secure payments via the customer’s own phone. 

Along with enhancing the convenience of the purchase transaction, text-to-pay helps keep you in PCI compliance and prevents fraudulent chargebacks for added payment security. When it’s time to pay, the customer is sent an SMS with a link to a payment screen where they can simply input their information, or pay with a digital wallet platform such as Apple/Google pay.


With scan-to-pay, the guest scans a QR code using their phone’s camera that takes them immediately to a payment screen where they can complete the transaction. Scan to pay can be completed in several ways:

Print QR codes on receipts: Guests can conveniently scan a QR code printed on their receipt to pay for their order.

Walk-up or drive-thru orders: Using a Fireboard management tablet, a team member can present the guest with a QR code that they scan using their mobile device to complete the payment transaction. The guest can complete payment using credit card information they enter on their phone or a digital wallet platform.

Table Sensor

Customers simply tap the sensor that lives on the table to browse the menu, order their items, and finally pay the check all from their mobile device. 

Online Order payments

 For online orders, guests can pay immediately after ordering online before picking up their order.


With all payment options you decide if you want to allow for tipping, how tips are suggested, and how tips are calculated. Once tipping is enabled, customers can tip as they please right from the payment screen.

From mobile menu browsing to contactless ordering and payment, guest-side solutions, off-premise solutions, and more, OneDine’s POS technology can bring your guest service into the future and help you adapt to the rapidly evolving new normal of today’s restaurant industry.

Have questions? Get in touch with a OneDine consultant—we’d love to help you navigate contactless service!