Case Study: Eureka! Goes 100% Contactless with OneDine

Background: Eureka! is a 25-unit casual-dining brand based in California that offers guests a unique dining experience complete with 30 American craft beers on tap, an extensive selection of small-batch whiskeys, and regional wines in a contemporary atmosphere that is perfect for guests of all ages. Eureka! provides the surrounding community with a trendy, casual place to dine, drink, and socialize while enjoying live music and special events throughout the week.

Challenges: Eureka! knew they needed to re-define their labor model coming out of the COVID-19 dining restrictions. With dining rooms operating at reduced capacity and minimum wage approaching $15 in some areas, they realized the answer was optimizing their resources through the use of technology. The brand, rooted in innovation and discovery, saw an opportunity to enhance its high service guest-forward approach to hospitality by empowering the guest to drive the experience from the comfort and safety of their own handheld smartphone.

Solution: Eureka! collaborated with OneDine to curate a touchless yet personalized restaurant visit—creating a customized, cutting-edge technology platform that provides guests full control over ordering, speed of service, and payment.

With the full suite of solutions implemented, guests can now:
  • Place their name on the waitlist or be directed to an available table
  • View a browsable version of the menu
  • Place their order
  • Request service from a staff member
  • Re-order drinks, dessert, or additional food items
  • Pay and split their tab

“ ‘Discovery’ is a founding core value of Eureka! Restaurant Group, and as the world changes we will constantly lean in, discovering new and creative ways to enhance our guest dining experience. With the integration of this customized technology platform, we hope to offer a glimpse of the future for polished casual dining and what we consider to be the natural evolution of high touch guest centric restaurant groups. We will be enhancing service with technology not replacing it, all while maintaining the authentic and community-driven service they have come to expect at Eureka!,” states Justin Nedelman, CEO at Eureka! Restaurant Group.

Results: Eureka! locations utilizing OneDine have realized a 20% average increase in revenue so far due to quicker table turns and increased ticket averages.