How Restaurants Can Harness AI to Improve Customer Service

In just a few years, AI has gone from being a thing most of us only experienced in movies, to something most of us interact with on a daily basis (Siri and Alexa, we’re looking at you!).

But AI is also being used widely in businesses, including restaurants, to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Here’s a quick look at a few different types of AI, and how they can help your restaurant. 


Dominos has made use of “pizza robots” that drive on their own to deliver pepperoni goodness to European pizza lovers. Then there’s Flippy the Robot, who, as you might have guessed, is a burger-flipping master with a flipping capacity of up to 300 burgers in one day.

These represent the exception rather than the rule, though (for the time being). As AI and other tech continue to develop, you’ll want to keep your eye out for them.

They should be easy to spot.


With the advent of COVID-19, mobile apps and online access for delivery and takeout have become more important than ever, and invaluable addition to this technology is the increasingly ubiquitous chatbot.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve most likely interacted with a chatbot at some point in the recent past. They’re those AI-driven, virtual humans that often pop up to provide tech support on websites thanks to their ability to understand and respond to queries via online chat.

How can they help? Chatbots can help provide an increased perception of doing business with a real person. All this touchless, contactless, socially distant, online, mobile food ordering can easily leave one feeling like the only human left in a techie wonderland. Yes, you can place your order and get your food, but if you have a question, you’re on your own. 

Chatbots can answer those questions. And thanks to AI, they can do it interactively, just like a real human.

Operations management

Managing the overall operations of a restaurant can be a time-consuming process, and technology has increasingly taken over more and more of the responsibility for carrying out these tedious tasks. With the advancement of AI and machine learning, however, modern POS systems can do more than ever before. That means more time for you to tend to those important aspects of your business that require a more human touch.

With AI, these POS systems can manage finances, inventory, and scheduling. They can even analyze all those sales figures to make projections of future needs. 


But these behind the scenes management tasks aren’t the only thing these systems can do. 

Using solutions like those offered by OneDine, your customers can check-in with just a quick scan on a mobile device and be presented with a digital menu from which they can order at their convenience. With repeat visits, each customer can get special offers personalized to their likes, dislikes, allergies, and other specialized menu preferences. Guests can customize their OneDine profile to reflect their dietary and lifestyle preferences, including their favorite cuisines, dishes, spice levels, and much more. 

With data from past visits, guests can also get individualized suggestions based on prior preferences. You’re a pasta fan? Try our new Fettuccine Alfredo! The chicken sandwich is a favorite? Our new Southwest Chicken Slider is right up your alley! 

The wave of the future

When reading about all these AI solutions, it’s easy to assume that such wonders are attainable only by the big names and massive chains. While that’s certainly true for things like robots and drone delivery systems, there are many tech solutions made possible by AI that are well within reach of smaller, independent operators.

With real benefits like increased marketing reach, reduced errors lowered operating costs, and an improved guest experience on the line, there’s never been a better time to take a look at what AI can do for you.