OneDine Creates Paid Staff Holiday For Election Day

In recognition of the importance and value of participating in our country’s democracy, OneDine has created a new company paid holiday that will happen every other year for the sole purpose of making it easier for our staff to exercise their right to vote.
Again, this is paid time off so our employees may take the day to go to vote and not have to worry about crowds, long lines, rushing around, missing the voting windows, or about getting back to work.
According to the U.S. Constitution, voting is a right and a privilege! Voting is an empowering way to make our voices heard and to participate in the political process. As United States citizens and taxpayers, we enjoy the right to participate in decision-making matters that could affect our personal lives or the lives of our loved ones.
So this year, and every other year going forward, we urge our staff to please feel free to take Election Day and go vote!