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With dozens of features and functions that elevate your service, reduce your labor costs and optimize your marketing and sales, OneDine does it all.

Easily get started.

  • OneDine runs on a common tablet (that means a super low cost of entry) and seamlessly interfaces with your POS systems and existing restaurant software.
  • Want to find out if what you use is already integrated? Contact us for a free demo.
  • Easy set-up allows you to be off and running with more revenue.

Leverage data-driven insights.

  • A user-friendly interface gives you competitive insights into the different steps along your guests dining journey and how to optimize them.
  • OneDine creates a dramatically more efficient dining journey and lets you accurately identify and capture each guest’s dining experience.
  • OneDine makes your operations more efficient and your service more personalized.

The OneDine Consumer App puts customized options and payment in the palm of guests’ hands.

Guests pay directly from their device.

  • Onedine lets guests pay at the table when they’re ready, which means no waiting for a server to bring their check or process their payment.
  • Guests can easily split the check, pay per item, or pay in full, as well as add a tip, all from their device.

Guests order on their terms.

  • Once OneDine users reach your restaurant, they simply scan their device at the table to check in.
  • From there, they’ll find a digital menu right at their fingertips, making it easy to place their order directly from their device.

Guests receive customized recommendations.

  • Guests can customize their OneDine profile to reflect their dietary and lifestyle preferences, including their favorite cuisines, dishes, spice levels, and much more.
  • This allows them to receive instant notifications of nearby restaurants that match their preferences, along with trending offers or promotions.
  • Where available, guests can even make a reservation right from their device.

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Wearable tech

  • Servers and Managers get instant alerts on service requests, payment verification, speed of service and bad reviews

Watch OneDine in Action

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