Restaurants can now turn their parking spaces into revenue-generating real estate with OneDine’s scan-to-order and scan-to-pay features. No guest app required!

Guests simply drive up to the space and scan the QR code from the standing sign with their mobile device. This launches a mobile-friendly web page for the restaurant where the guest can order and pay from their phone, and have the food delivered right to their car.

*NEW* We’re happy to announce that we’ve now expanded that offering to include pre-ordering and Text-to-Pay from mobile devices!

We are on a mission to save our restaurant families.

Our team will be working daily (including weekends) to get as many stores onboarded as possible. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Whether or not you have an existing online ordering platform, your guests can now access your menu and place their order before they ever leave their house. Then they’ll notify you when they arrive at your location so your team can deliver the order directly to their vehicle. We can’t make this any easier! No touching, no calling-ahead or giving out your credit card number, no hassle!

See how fast OneDine can setup mobile browsing in your restaurant.