A No-Cost Solution

OneDine® is a no-cost solution that lets your retail businesses turn their parking spaces into business-boosting,
100% touchless Order, Pay, and Pick-up locations for safely and conveniently serving customers!
No charge and no commitment during gathering restrictions!

How OneDine Works: 3 Easy Steps


Customers simply pull into your retail businesses’ parking spots alongside specially marked signs.

Scan to pay qr code


Using their phone’s camera, customers scan the sign’s QR code, which launches a link to the restaurant’s online menu.

text to pay on mobile device


After they’ve selected their menu items, customers are prompted to pay from their phone — no app download, no tech-savvy, and no physical credit card exchange required!

See how more than a dozen restaurants in the Tempe Marketplace complex
are up and running with our solution.

Why Now?

OneDine is the answer to the fast-approaching future that is being ushered in by the innovations designed to surmount the challenges of COVID-19. The contactless order-and-payment solutions that are proving critical for surviving disruption will soon become table stakes for doing business in the “new normal.”

And now that customers have gotten a taste of convenience-driven solutions such as curbside pickup, there’s no turning back. Brands that adopt these solutions will be rewarded with loyalty and better positioned to rapidly recover and grow their business.

Contactless ordering and payment

Benefits of OneDine

Menu Browsing

Guests can browse a complete or curated menu from their mobile devices.


Guests can place orders from their mobile devices, providing a touchless solution for both the guest and waitstaff.


PurePay™ contactless payment solutions allow Text to Pay and Scan to Pay functionality to process payment from the guest’s mobile device.

Contactless Brand

Guests can engage through messaging, loyalty/rewards programs, customized offers, and surveys – all from their mobile devices.

OneDine makes adoption easy!

OneDine can integrate with your existing POS System or provide an external, third-party interface for quick and easy implementation in as little as 24 hours. No guest app required! In our commitment to providing support to our fellow business owners in this time of crisis, we are providing this service at no charge and with no commitment to merchants during the current gathering restrictions*!

* Normal credit card processing fees still apply