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Accelerate their efficiency.

Adapt to changing consumer expectations and operational requirements with OneDine’s revolutionary tablet.

Order. Pay. Engage.

The Industry's Best Tablet. Hands down.

The OneDine otg tablet was designed by industry professionals and built specifically for the hospitality industry. It’s not an off-the-shelf tablet wrapped up in some aftermarket case.

The otg is the real deal. Engineered by OneDine, the otg tablet is the only tablet that not only fits the bill for your staff, but it fits neatly into your existing tech stack.

That means adding otg to your existing POS, loyalty, gift cards, and payment processor is a breeze. No need to sign up for any OneDine-specific loyalty programs, no OneDine-branded payment processors to get locked into a never-ending contract with. We play nicely with the services you already use.


Pretty neat, huh?

Here’s some more impressive information about the otg tablet by OneDine:

Not just industry-leading. The industry’s ONLY.

  • Super easy-to-read and easy-to-hold, ergonomic 7″ screen
  • 5 MP built-in camera to capture barcodes, coupons, and scan driver’s licenses for ID Checks
  • EMV, NFC, and PCI Compliant on-board card reader that is payment processor agnostic
  • Rapid charging capability – with the ability to go from 0% to 80% in just an hour – charge up to 16 units from 1 plug in just ONE square foot of space!
  • All-day battery
  • Dual LTE Connectivity for outdoor use, WiFi failover, or delivery 
  • 3′ drop rating to survive the harsh hospitality world
OneDine Tablet With EMV Card Reader Red Backgroun

With the challenges of the industry weighing on each and every business, why not schedule a demo today to see how the otg can impact your business?

With the challenges of the industry weighing on each and every business, why not schedule a demo today to see how the otg can impact your business?

Why Now?

OneDine is the answer to many of the challenges facing the industry today. Rising food costs and labor costs, dwindling labor supply, and increased guest expectations have created a huge pain point for restaurant operators that, for some, are seemingly insurmountable.

The OneDine otg tablet is the answer to many of these challenges. Improved staff efficiencies means your business can experience higher sales, each staff member will likely see greater tips, and each staff member can have a greater number of covers. It’s easy to see how staff retention and sales could both be addressed from the simple addition of the otg.

Benefits of OneDine’s otg tablet

Improved efficiencies

Eliminate the classic “back-and-forth” from the server, to the guest, and the register. All of this is wasted time that your staff could be engaging with your guests to create a truly memorable experience.

Integrated with your existing tech stack

The OneDine otg interfaces with your existing POS system, loyalty program, gift cards, and payment processor. Get the additional functionality with your tech stack intact.

Increased sales

The otg tablets eliminate the wasted trips by your staff, which in turn can increase the rate of table turns, eliminate lines, and increase the overall guest experience. Plus, each team member can increase their area, giving them more covers.

Better employee relations

More wages, better tips, and more covers equals more money for your staff. Reduce the turnover in your restaurant while improving guest relations, and it’s a perfect win-win.

OneDine’s otg tablet can seamlessly integrate with your existing POS System, gift cards, loyalty, and payment processor. No jumping through hoops, extended contracts, or hidden fees. Just pure, unbridled performance.

See how your business can be transformed with the OneDine otg tablet by scheduling a demo below.

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¹Select POS Providers, Loyalty, Gift, and Processors Only. Inquire for full list of supported POS Systems.