OneDine provides mobile menu browsing
and contactless ordering and payment with

OneDine provides mobile menu browsing, contactless ordering and payment NO GUEST APP REQUIRED

Thousands of restaurants and hospitality venues depend on the OneDine difference.

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Mobile Menu Browsing

Menu Browsing

Guests can safely peruse an interactive menu from their mobile device, access special promotions and loyalty offers, and more. Never again deal with the expense and hassle of paper menus!

Contactless Ordering and Payment

Contactless Ordering
and Payment

Put the power of contactless, mobile-based ordering and payment in your guests’ hands with PurePay™ contactless payment solutions.

Guest-Side Payment Solutions


Increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and elevate your guest service with handheld devices that allow servers to easily input orders, split checks, and process payment.

Off-Premise Payment Solutions


Capitalize on convenience-driven solutions and boost carryout revenue with OneDine’s Parking Lot Order & Pay, Online Order Ahead, and PurePay™ contactless payment solutions.

Mobile-Optimized Contactless Guest Experience

High-Efficiency Solutions

Safety. Speed. Convenience.


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