5 Health and Safety Issues Your Restaurant Customers Worry About

Thanks to COVID-19, restaurants have had to make a significant adjustment in the way they market themselves to the public.  Traditionally, customers were most interested in the quality of your service and food, along with your location, hours, menus, etc.  In these virus-wary times, though, the focus has understandably shifted to a large extent to […]

How Contactless Payment Can Improve Your Guests’ Dining Experience

In the last six months or so, restaurants across the country have had to fundamentally change the way in which they serve customers, and many have embraced contactless order and pay technology to help them find their way through the many changes.  One of the most significant ways in which technology is helping restaurants on […]

How Bed and Breakfasts are Adapting to COVID Regulations for Food Service

Contactless service may sound like the opposite of what bed-and-breakfast service is supposed to be.  After all, staying in a B&B is all about contact! Being friendly with the other guests, getting to know the owners, enjoying a plate loaded with warm cookies on the table by the fireplace, and communal meals served family-style at […]

3 Ways That Contactless Payments Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Sales

One of the many major economic consequences of COVID-19 has been the accelerated adoption of a wide variety of contactless service models in the restaurant industry and beyond. “Contactless” need not only refer to safety-enhancing measures, however. Here are three ways that contactless payment methods can actually result in increased sales for your restaurant. Safety […]