Top Restaurant Touchpoint Considerations in the COVID-19 World

With the advent of COVID-19 and the tumultuous consequences of its continued spread, the restaurant industry has been forced to drastically alter the way it thinks about cleanliness and sanitation in establishments. Sanitary procedures that more than sufficed in February were suddenly frighteningly inadequate in March. A host of previously overlooked restaurant touchpoints are now […]

8 Ways Technology Can Improve Food Safety

COVID-19 has not only elevated the importance of restaurant sanitation and food safety to new heights within the industry, it’s also increased public awareness of food safety and sanitation measures to equally high levels. Such safety measures are now even more vital to the safety of both restaurant staff and customers, and the public is […]

Are Restaurant Robots the Wave of the Future?

Science has slowly been catching up with science fiction, and robots are becoming an increasingly real presence in our world. They’re making important contributions in a wide range of applications including manufacturing, earth and space exploration, weaponry, and even surgery.  But are robots poised to make a power play in the restaurant industry? Let’s find […]

Should Restaurants Consider Keeping Delivery In-House Instead of Using a Third Party?

With COVID-19 causing an explosion of alternate service models across the country and around the world—curbside pickup, mobile menu browsing, and contactless payment, and more—restaurant owners who weren’t already offering delivery have been presented with a confounding choice: should they execute delivery services in-house, or should they opt for one of an increasing number of […]

How Restaurants are Building More Diverse Workplace Environments

As businesses, in general, become more aware of the importance of building a diverse, inclusive workforce, restaurants across the country are taking steps to ensure that their staff—from corporate headquarters to the waitstaff—is reflective of the communities they serve.  Here are some ways in which restaurants across the country are working to build and maintain […]

3 Major Cities Outline Rules for Cold Weather Outdoor Dining in the COVID Era

Since the advent of COVID-19, restaurants across the country have been digging deep into their creative arsenals to find new ways to keep doors open and kitchens producing, and cash registers ringing in a world in which the rules seem to change with each passing day.  In addition to delivery and curbside pickup and drive-thru […]

Restaurant Loyalty Programs: Are They Effective?

Restaurant owners have always known that if you reward loyal customers, those customers are more likely to stay loyal—and they might even bring more customers with them next time they visit.  According to a Customer Engagement Technology Study conducted by Hospitality Tech, 45% of diners say that they’re more likely to select a restaurant if […]

Creative Ways Restaurants are Retaining Customers and Building Brand Interest

The pandemic has forced restaurants to shift everything from their operations to their marketing strategies.  In addition to implementing contactless payment and mobile menu browsing solutions, here are some creative ways in which restaurants are retaining customers and building brand interest in these rapidly shifting times. Picture perfect The concept of “Instagrammable food” is nothing […]

5 Factors to Create a New Normal For the Hospitality Industry

A recent study released by Multimedia Plus examined the impact of COVID-19 in the hospitality industry, focusing on issues relating to contactless technology, training, and health priorities.  The study shone a light on the implementation of technology as well as operational procedures used by businesses to enhance safety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  […]