Convenience and Safety Become Critical Values for Today’s Restaurant Customers

A year ago, if you’d said “What does value mean to you?” to a room of restaurant customers they might answer with: Getting great food for a low price Receiving excellent, personalized service Having a unique and memorable dining experience In COVID-era dining, however, values have changed. What customers want out of a dining experience […]

Labor Optimization in the Restaurant Industry

There are many factors to consider when it comes to restaurant employee scheduling. It takes talent and effort to create the best plan possible for your business, employees, and customers. By using optimization processes and tools to your advantage, you can optimize your labor in ways that suit everyone’s needs, while maximizing both customer and […]

Guests Prefer Curbside Pickup and Dine-in to Delivery. Here’s What That Means for Your Restaurant

Curbside pickup and delivery have arguably been the salvation of at least some of the restaurant industry as it’s scrambled to find any way to survive after COVID-19 fundamentally changed the landscape for service industries in general in early 2020. Overnight, millions of hungry consumers were suddenly hesitant to set foot inside any establishment where […]

4 Ways Restaurants Can Streamline and Simplify Contactless Alcohol Sales

It’s perhaps no surprise that, as the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines began, people began buying alcohol in bulk. According to Nielsen, the percent of boxed wine sales increased more than tenfold between Feb. 29 and April 18, 1.75-L spirits were 23 times higher, and 30-packs of beer sales were up 21%.  Though bulk alcohol bar […]

6 Ways Local Restaurants Can Thrive

The reality of COVID-19’s devastating effect on the restaurant industry can’t be understated. Despite these less-than-ideal circumstances, there are ways that restaurants can maximize the resources they do have to stay afloat as vaccines and new mitigation strategies begin to indicate a light at the end of this long COVID-19 tunnel. Sanitation Top of mind […]

How Customers are Responding to Off-Premise Dining Options

Enter the word “restaurant” into Google, and you’ll receive an endless list of headlines touting some variation of how COVID-19 has impacted the industry. Many stories focus on the shift from on-premise to off-premise service models that spread through the industry upon the first quarantines, restrictions, and closings necessitated by the pandemic. Off-premise options have […]