5 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Transparency with Customers

Food quality has grown in importance, and people are worried about their health and the effects food can have on their bodies, making transparency highly important in today’s restaurant industry. Customers like to be informed, especially if they have any allergies, are on a strict diet, or are very serious about the kinds of foods […]

How Are Restaurants Preparing For The Second Wave Of Covid?

With the anniversary of COVID-19’s arrival in the United States approaching, restaurants aren’t looking to a return to normal, but to a potential second wave, and all that comes with it. While each state will respond differently, no restaurant can rule out the possibility of lockdowns, new local and state restrictions, and enforced closures. Restaurant […]

On-premise Dining Trends: What’s On the Horizon Post-COVID?

Dining as we knew it hasn’t been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Community tables, food truck rallies, packed food halls – these, at least for the past year, have been a thing of the past. But will that continue? What’s changed that consumers now believe is for the better when it comes to […]