Get Your Message Right: Navigating Social Media for the Hotel and Dining Industries

Now, more than ever, effective marketing is a must-have in the hospitality business, whether you’re in the dining or hotel industry. We’ve talked here about general marketing strategies, but only briefly touched on one of the most important tools in the marketing toolbox: Social Media. The wonderful thing about social media is that it’s a […]

You’re Ready to Re-open Your Restaurant: Now What?

After months of restaurants having to shutter their dining areas in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, regulations are now easing and operators across the country are going through the process of reopening their restaurants. However, as we continue to navigate a world in which a pandemic is still very much prevalent, reopening your restaurant […]

5 Tips for Properly Cleaning and Disinfecting Your POS Hardware

If you’re one of the many restaurants that has recently reopened for dine-in service, it’s likely that one thing you are prioritizing on your long to-do list is cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. After all, even though the world is starting to open back up again, the COVID-19 virus hasn’t gone anywhere. So it’s essential to […]

4 Ways Social Distancing Will Affect the Future of Restaurants

A large number of states have now allowed restaurants to reopen their dining areas. But with the reopening, operators must contend with the reality of resuming operations while still observing social distancing mandates necessary to keep both their employees and customers as safe as possible. And as on-premise dining heavily relies on guest volume and […]

Should You Invest In A Mobile App For Your Restaurant?

Mobile apps are an emerging player in the restaurant technology ecosystem. Vying for prime real estate on a consumer’s phone, mobile apps can reap profitable rewards if they manage to score that coveted spot. 16% of Starbucks orders are placed on their mobile app, and Domino’s app accounts for 50% of their mobile orders. Popular […]

How Restaurants Can Improve Marketing By Leveraging Data

Data can provide key insights into consumer behavior that can inform more effective and strategic marketing. Yet even with internet traffic increasing 50-70%, and customers leaving a valuable trail of data on every website, app, and ordering system, many restaurants don’t reap the rewards of data-driven marketing because they don’t leverage these insights. Analyzing and […]