How to Put Tourists at Ease & Prepare for Post-COVID Travel

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic threw a giant monkey wrench into the clockwork of the travel and tourism industry from the moment it first reared its COVIDy head 7 months ago. Hotels and all the tourist attractions that help support them were suddenly closed for business, and travel plans around the world were moved […]

Online Ordering and Payment with No App Required – How OneDine Makes Your Guests’ Experience Easier

With the advent of COVID-19, restaurants everywhere were unceremoniously thrust into a world of takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery if they wanted to keep their kitchens open during quarantine shutdowns of dining rooms. Suddenly restaurants that had never before offered such services found themselves in the unfamiliar territory of managing online orders, parking lot check-ins, […]

How to Keep Hotel and Dining Guests Safe During COVID-19 – Without Sacrificing Experience

With mandated closings of hotels and other businesses and the vast majority of travelers unwilling or unable to venture away from the safety of home, COVID-19 has had a chilling effect on the travel industry. Circumstances beyond anyone’s control have taken an industry that was looking forward to a positive economic climate and turned its […]

Travel Isn’t Dead: Why Now is the Time for the Travel Industry to Act

As one of the first industries to have its doors slammed shut by COVID, travel and tourism became practically nonexistent, beginning in the early days of contagion. Hotels were closed, or in some places converted into hospitals and venues for first responders and essential medical personnel to quarantine themselves in order to keep their families […]