How The Restaurant Industry Is Changing – And How To Prepare For It

Like the rest of the world, the restaurant industry is an ever-evolving creature. Technology, demographics, changing culture, and more conspire to make success strategies a constantly moving target. To keep up and stay competitive, even under normal circumstances, you need to be alert and quick on your feet. Most of all, you need to stay […]

A Guide To Reopening Your Fast Casual Restaurant: How To Keep Customers Safe & Satisfied

In February and March of this year, restaurant dining rooms around the world were forced to close as an emergency measure to stem the tide and “flatten the curve” of Coronavirus infections. As a result, the industry as a whole has taken a devastating hit with thousands of restaurants closing permanently while the rest scramble […]

5 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing The Restaurant Industry

Technology has infiltrated nearly every facet of our lives, and that certainly includes our experience at restaurants. While running a successful restaurant has traditionally been about serving delicious food and investing in top-notch customer service, technology has introduced an entirely new framework for doing business. Customers expect their dining experience to reflect the same convenience […]

4 Ways Restaurant Operators are Using Technology to Ensure Customer Safety Amid Coronavirus

Prior to the COVID-19 health crisis, people were mainly conscious about where their food came from. Were the ingredients organic? Was it grown or raised locally? Was it fair trade? But the rapid spread of the virus has led to larger, much more pressing concerns for consumers. Now, people are hyper aware about who touches […]

Stories of Selflessness from the Restaurant Industry During COVID-19

Whether it’s the 24-hour cable news or the morning newspaper, or your favorite online report, COVID-19 seems to be the only thing going on, and the restaurant industry has been especially hard hit. Doors are closed. Workers are laid off. And even as some states begin to reopen their economies, mitigation measures mandate fewer people […]

Restaurants Will Be Forever Changed by COVID-19. Here’s What the Future May Hold for the Industry.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to develop around the world, one thing has become abundantly clear. The world after the virus has passed will be fundamentally different in many ways from the world we knew before infection rates and death tolls became a familiar part of our television screens. One of the first industries to […]

Your Reopening Toolkit: What Restaurants Need to Reopen Safely

When COVID-19 struck in February and March of this year, restaurant dining rooms around the world were plunged into darkness (along with the economic outlook for their owners and staff). The focus of restaurants immediately turned to finding the best and safest ways to keep their doors open and to continue serving a hungry clientele […]

What’s Next? The Future of Restaurant Technology

The world in general is becoming more and more defined by technology. New advances arise seemingly every day to automate, streamline, and augment all aspects of our daily lives. For those of us who are old enough to remember such things, our world seems to be increasingly emulating the technical wonders of The Jetsons. Those […]