Contactless Payment Equals Greater Consumer Spending, Now and Post-COVID

The way we pay for things has been evolving away from cash for years now. As we’ve moved from checks to credit cards to contactless payment, cash has been slowly becoming less and less relevant as more convenient forms of payment continue to emerge.  Now, with the advent of COVID-19, another factor has hastened that […]

Customers’ Tech Expectations for Full-Service Restaurants Are Changing. Here’s How

The impact of the COVID-19 shutdowns and the quarantine in general on the restaurant industry cannot be overstated. The way restaurants do business, whether food truck, QSR, fast casual, or fine dining, fundamentally changed overnight, and those changes are not going away any time soon. As a matter of fact, many of the service model […]

3 Ways Food Halls are Working to Reopen Safely

Because of their massive size, multiple vendors, high customer traffic, and communal tables, food halls would seem to be poor candidates for successful reopening until the COVID-19 situation is well in hand.  It turns out, however, that in some ways the multi-venue food hall model has proven surprisingly resilient as we move through COVID and […]

8 Tips on How Contactless Menus can Help Improve Restaurant Sales

Today you can find digital menus at fast casual spots like McDonalds, coffee shops like Starbucks, and even some fine dining establishments, like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which installed tabletop digital menus in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to limit contact.  But digital menus are also online, and allow you to interact with […]

5 Reasons Contactless Ordering and Payment Will Stay with Us—Even After COVID

A party of six comes to your restaurant for dinner. They enjoy a delicious meal, beautifully presented, and served with exquisite sociability and efficiency.  Then it’s time for the nightly check dance. First, as the diners recline in satisfaction, the server swings by en route to another table and drops off the checks discreetly ensconced […]

How to Streamline Your Event Venue Concession Service With Contactless Ordering

Concessions are a significant contributor to the profits of any event venue.  For fans, however, the prospect of leaving their seat in the heat of the action, be it a sports play or an amazing drum solo, and waiting in line to be served can negatively affect their likelihood of ordering that second (or third […]

10 Tips for Improving Your Drive-Thru’s Speed and Efficiency

Red’s Giant Hamburg on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri, is often named as the first drive-thru restaurant in America. It opened in 1947 and rang in the start of a new era in convenience eating.  Fast and efficient, diners could grab a bite on their way home, cruise through for a snack, or quickly quench […]

4 Ways Restaurants Can Grow Their Businesses By Supporting Their Local Communities

When we spend time with family and friends at restaurants, picnics, at the food court in the mall to just hang out, in your own backyard for a barbecue, and wherever else you can enjoy a meal—even if it’s socially distanced, using contactless ordering—there’s something uniquely special about these moments. Why is that? Well, we […]

Here’s What the Data Says About Contactless Payments and Guest Spend

Contactless payments were already growing in popularity before COVID, but the advent of the virus has made this already rapidly expanding form of payment explode. And the data is proving that in many cases, guests are spending more when contactless payment options are available than when they have to hand over a card or cash. […]