3 Ways COVID Has Permanently Changed the Restaurant Business

According to Yelp data, nearly 16,000 restaurants have closed permanently due to the pandemic. And those left hanging on? Well, nothing is as it once was just a few months ago.  Some in the restaurant industry are calling what the pandemic has done to the restaurant industry the “new abnormal.” The entire concept of dining […]

How Hotels Can Use Tech to Survive Post-Covid

Anyone who operates a business in the service or retail industries has already learned a host of lessons in the adaptation as the world continues to deal with the consequences of COVID-19.  Hotels, by their very nature, have an even greater responsibility when it comes to implementing things like contactless payment, sanitation, and post-COVID safety […]

9 Unique Ways Restaurants Can Engage Patrons for Halloween

2020 has already been one of the spookiest years on record, for a number of reasons, but that won’t stop millions of Americans from dressing up and decorating and telling ghost stories around the backyard fire pit in celebration of the creepiest of holidays.  Yes, it’s almost Halloween, and while this year will certainly look […]

The Future of Concession Stands at Sporting Events

The food service industry was already working through some major technological changes when the pandemic hit.  The advent of COVID-19, and the closings and disruptions it’s caused, has done nothing to alter this technological course. In fact, it’s hastened the adoption of a number of tech solutions—contactless payment, online ordering—that might otherwise have taken years […]

In the Wake of Closings and Layoffs, How Can the Airport Restaurant Industry Bounce Back?

The travel industry is one that’s been especially hard hit by COVID. As a result, the airport restaurant industry has also suffered through a vicious round of closings and layoffs.  Now that things have begun to open up a bit, how can airport foodservice vendors regain their footing? Here are a few strategies that might […]

4 Technologies Every Restaurant Will Need by the End of 2020

The restaurant industry has undergone an unpredicted revolution this year, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  When quarantine regulations locked down the nation in March, restaurants were forced to shutter with little understanding of when they might reopen. Six months later, as lockdowns are lifted, many restaurants are trying to regain their footing.  But customer […]

4 Contactless Payment Solutions for Restaurants

Like hundreds of industries across the world, the food and beverage business has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. One chef told Time magazine in April that he estimated 75% of independent restaurants would not make it.  The official figure remains to be seen as the world awaits a cure, but in the meantime, the […]